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In-store pickup and local delivery for your industry

Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery features

The most powerful store pickup and local delivery solution for Shopify

Powerful features

The most advanced pickup and delivery functionality available for Shopify, trusted by thousands of merchants. Extensive feature set, regular updates and flexible plans.


Simplify your order management

Stay organised by seeing at a glance what orders need preparing for any given day or outlet. Filter by checkout method, location, date and time, and mark orders as ready for pickup and delivery.

Notify your brick-and-mortar stores instantly when a new pickup or delivery order is created.


Product availability

Easily mark individual products as available only for pickup, delivery or just shipping, and prevent customers selecting pickup, delivery or shipping on specific dates of the year.

Give your customers the best experience by making sure they don’t order products that aren’t locally available by using our multi-location inventory feature.


Perfect rates

Prevent your customers from selecting the incorrect rate at checkout by using our unique rates feature.

Once configured only the appropriate rates for each order will be displayed to your customers. For example your free pickup rate will never be shown to a customer if they select local delivery or shipping.

Important note

To use the Rates feature, your Shopify plan must include access to the Shopify Carrier Calculated Shipping API. It's included in your plan if you are on Shopify Advanced or Shopify Pro plans.

If you are on the Shopify plan, it's free with annual plans or $20 on monthly plans—contact Shopify to add Carrier Service API for you.

If you are on Shopify Starter or Basic plan, you will need to upgrade your plan to use this app.

Seamless integration with Shopify POS

High volumes, fresh products and complex orders are made easier with full Shopify POS integration.

Stay organised with new ways to manage and schedule pickups, delivery and shipping orders directly via Shopify POS - find out more.

Did you know?
You can now manage your store pickup and delivery orders via Revel POS, Lightspeed Retail and Clover POS using our Kosmos Central integration.

Flexible date and time picker

Offer your customers exceptional flexibility and better manage your workload by using our built in date and time picker. Define exactly what you offer and when with multiple preparation times, breakpoint and blackout dates.

Use granular controls to set location and product availability right down to 5 minute intervals.

  • Preparation times
  • Blackout dates
  • Breakpoints
  • Limit future orders

Delivery validation

Allow your customers to check if they are eligible for delivery on the homepage of your store using our unique Delivery Validator widget.

You can easily restrict deliveries for certain products and prevent customers who live too far away from ordering.

  • Driving distance
  • Maximum radius (as crow flies)
  • Exact postal code matching
  • Partial postal code matching

Perfect for startups to Fortune 500 brands

Easily add all your stores, warehouses and pop-ups with our CSV import and export tools. Then manage each location’s pickup and delivery windows individually.

Settings like availability, conditional rules and irregular hours are controllable at the outlet level allowing for the upmost flexibility.

Fraud prevention

Keep your pickup orders safe from fraud by implementing our Security Code feature in-store.

By confirming the Code on pickup, your staff can make sure every order always goes to the right person.


Internal emails
We automatically notify your brick-and-mortar stores by email the moment they receive a pickup or delivery order they need to fulfill.

Customer emails
Keep your customer in the loop with our automated email notifications. We will automatically email your customers when their items are ready for pickup or have been dispatched for delivery.

The templates are fully customisable and can easily refined to match your brand image and voice.

Support for multiple languages

Merchants in more than 100 countries are using Store Pickup + Delivery to power their daily operations in a wide range of languages.

All customer-facing areas of our app can be translated into any language. We also offer built-in support for major translation apps including Langify and Multi Lingo.

Compatibility and integrations

Our software integrations allow you to simplify workflows, avoid duplication, and offer better service than your competition.

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