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How does Shopify work?

Shopify unifies all of your commerce into a single platform.

Create and design an online store and sell everywhere, including web, mobile, in-person, brick-and-mortar locations, and pop-up shops, as well as through a variety of channels ranging from social media to online marketplaces.

Shopify is totally cloud-based and hosted, allowing you to access and administer your business from anywhere with an internet connection. It also handles software, server upgrades, and maintenance for you.

Shopify brings together tools for managing products, inventory, payments, and shipping, as well as ensuring that you can simply access and incorporate any other business tools you want.

Shopify ecosystem

Consider Shopify's products as layers you can choose from to create the best stack for your business.

Layer 1

Shopify’s main product

Everything you need to turn your idea into a business and start selling is included in Shopify's core product: templates for the look and feel of your store, tools to sell in multiple places online and in-person, integrated payment processing, the best-converting checkout on the internet, SEO and marketing tools.

Layer 2

Additional products and services

These goods and services are exclusive to Shopify clients and provide independent business owners with a competitive advantage in the market. They range from more straightforward funding access to faster payment solutions.

Layer 3

Apps built by trusted partners

Shopify's App Store has thousands 
of applications created by third-party developers to customize your store without ever touching code, as well as Zapiet's apps.

Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery

An unbeatable feature set that includes product availability control, Shopify POS integration, live multi-location inventory, fraud prevention and outstanding tools for organising orders.

Zapiet - Rates by Distance

Automatically show the right rate for deliveries based on distance. This powerful app quickly calculates prices according to your store’s settings. It works for any distance and any number of locations.

Zapiet - Rates by Zip Code

Calculate the right prices for deliveries based on zip code. This fully-featured and customisable app automatically fetches rates for your customers at checkout. It works for deliveries to one zip code, or thousands.

Zapiet - Product Rates

Calculate shipping/delivery based on your customers' selected products. Whether you are selling fridge freezers or cupcakes this app is perfect for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Shopify florist using Delivery Rates by Distance

Zapiet Eats

Manage food delivery and curbside pickup for your Shopify restaurant in real-time. Integrate Eats with Shopify POS to accept, decline, and handle pickup and delivery orders directly from your restaurant.

“There is no better app to handle local deliveries and store pickup on Shopify. Period. We’ve been using this app for more than 3 years and couldn’t be happier!”
Juliette Vassilkioti
My City Plants
“This app has changed the way we do e-commerce. The support we've received has been second to none.”
Elyse Wahle
Sullivan and Bleeker