If you have any questions regarding the app please let us know by emailing support@zapiet.com. We are working rapidly on collating your comments and improving our frequently asked questions section, so please check back soon for updates to the FAQ. You may also find our support documents helpful.

Local Delivery

Can I limit the number of deliveries per time slot?

Yes, you certainly can! We’ve baked this feature directly into the app.

Can I set individual delivery rates for specific postal codes?

Using our new Rates feature you can use either Advanced Shipping Rules or Bespoke Shipping alongside our app to generate rates for specific postal codes.

Can I restrict deliveries to specific postal codes or radius?

Yes! We actually have four different kinds of validation available for deliveries.

Exact and partial postal code matching
When using this kind of validation you can provide a list of eligible postal codes for each of your outlets. You customers will then be asked to enter their own postal code whilst checking out and if there’s a match we allow them to choose local delivery.

Maximum distance
With this kind of validation you can set a maximum number of kilometres/miles that your customer can live from your store to be eligible for delivery. The distance is calculated as the crow flies.

Driving distance
This method will calculate the actual driving distance between your store and the customers location using Google Maps.

Is it possible to only use your delivery features?

Yes. Once you have installed the app you can specify which checkout methods (shipping, pickup and delivery) you want enabled. Just disable both shipping and pickups and you are good to go!

Is it possible to add a delivery fee per order?

Yes, our app comes with a bunch of features prebuilt in which will allow you to add a delivery fee to your orders. We also have a number of integrations with other apps such as Delivery Rates by Distance, Delivery Rates by Zipcode, Bespoke Shipping and Advanced Shipping Rules should you have more complex requirements.

You will need Shopifys Carrier Calculated Shipping Api enabled on your store in order to use these features. It’s included on Advanced and Plus plans by default. They also offer it on all plans for $20 per month, or free if you switch to an annual plan.

I want to just use the local delivery feature and not have the options for shipping and pickup. Is this possible?

Yes. You can easily disable shipping and pickup from within the apps Settings page.


Store Pickup

Can I limit pickups to within a certain distance from my store?

No, sorry. Limiting pickups to within a set distance from your store is a really bad idea. People travel all the time visiting family, friends and for events etc. As long as you have the payment up front for the order then the customer is committed and you will have no problems.

Can we choose certain products only to be picked up at our one store location but pay online?

Yes, you can! Within the app you have the ability to control which products are available from where. We also have direct integrations with Vend and Veeqo if you wanted to automate this process.

Does Store Pickup + Delivery work in my country?

Our app works worldwide. As long as Shopify operates in your country our app will.

Is it possible to use Store Pickup + Delivery only with Shopify POS?

Yes. You can easily add pickup, delivery or date based shipping details to an order directly via Shopify POS.


Shipping Calendar

Do you provide any shipping calendar functionality?

Yes, we’ve just released a bunch of shipping calendar functionality. To activate just add “Shipping calendar” to your plan via the settings page.

Do I need to use the shipping calendar to offer shipping to my customer?

You do not need to use the shipping calendar in order to offer your customers shipping. The shipping calendar is totally optional and only required if you want your customers to select a specific date to have their items shipped.