Zapiet, an outstanding developer of Shopify apps, has teamed up with Uber Direct in France to step up in a new era of unparalleled convenience and efficiency for online retailers. This partnership aims to improve the merchant experience by providing prompt and reliable last-mile delivery services. With access to our Uber Direct integration, a leading delivery service, Shopify merchants can now delegate order fulfilment even in cases of urgency, whilst being fully focused on business development and growth.  

The e-commerce landscape in France is poised for explosive growth, with the market size projected to reach $112.56 billion by 2028, according to Mordor Intelligence. Notably, the Federation of E-commerce and Distance Selling revealed that online retailers generating over $10 million per annum accounted for 74.5% of all e-commerce revenue last year. This places France as a key consumer market in Europe, boasting high internet penetration and a substantial number of e-commerce consumers.  

The integration between Zapiet and Uber Direct unlocks a comprehensive solution for retailers to manage, schedule, and deliver orders from a single platform. By seamlessly connecting their Shopify stores to Uber Direct through the Zapiet – Pickup + Delivery integration tab, merchants can turbocharge their business operations with on-demand delivery services spanning 360+ cities in France.  

In an increasingly competitive environment, Zapiet and Uber Direct are giving retailers all the necessary functionality to impress customers with high-standard service. Whether it is express, same-day, or scheduled delivery, merchants can meet the demands of their customers while staying ahead of the curve. With an average pickup time of just a few minutes, and a 99.9% order acceptance rate by couriers, merchants can increase customer loyalty and tap into new markets within this rapidly expanding industry.  

Uber Direct covers businesses of all sizes, ranging from small and medium-sized to large-scale companies and enterprises. Whether fulfilling small orders or managing high-volume demands, Uber Direct provides a great service by offering a high-capacity fleet or multiple couriers for a single order.  

Andy Cargill, CEO and Founder of Zapiet, comments on the integration, “Zapiet is dedicated to expanding its reach in the European market, particularly in France. Our goal is to cater to the diverse needs of Shopify merchants by offering comprehensive solutions. The much-anticipated integration with Uber Direct will enable us to provide French retailers with a streamlined store-to-door model, ensuring the delivery of goods conveniently and promptly”.  

Marion Roger, General Manager of Uber Direct in France, reacts on the partnership, “I’m very glad to facilitate and expand the access to Uber Direct delivery-as-a-service solution to additional merchants, through Zapiet integration. Merchants from all sizes and all industries, will be able to offer express and scheduled deliveries to their customers, at the tap of a button. In addition, they will be able to customize their customer delivery journey with live delivery tracking, proof of delivery and other features as needed.”

About Uber Direct:  

Uber Direct is a last-mile delivery solution developed by Uber to help retailers take advantage of fast and reliable white-label delivery-as-a-service. By integrating with Uber Direct, merchants get access to Uber's global courier network to get their goods delivered promptly and securely.  

About Zapiet:  

Zapiet is a leading developer of Shopify apps for store pickup, local delivery, and shipping solutions. Their apps empower retailers to offer exceptional flexibility and convenience to customers, enabling previously brick-and-mortar-only businesses to leverage the potential of an integrated online store. Founded in 2015, Zapiet currently supports over 10,000 stores in more than 150 countries, ranging from pop-up stands to Fortune 500 brands.  

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