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Trendy and Ready to Rock! What are Shopify Components?

Commerce Components by Shopify is a huge helping hand for Enterprise brands to scale their business while keeping up with world innovations in real time. This modern composable stack gives merchants access to all necessary high-performing Shopify infrastructure without the need to waste money and time on engineering new solutions.

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All-in-one Commerce: Shopify Introduced B2B Integrated with DTC in One Store

With Shopify's built-in wholesale features, you can now manage both the B2B and D2C sides of your business from a single platform, with access to the customization and tools you need to construct the storefronts your customers require. For more information on B2B commerce in Shopify, read our blog.

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Celebrating the Launch of Zapietousaurus (Video)

To celebrate the launch of Zapietosaurus, we decided to make a collab with a cool brewery near Lisbon and send their tasty beer to several Shopify agencies as a gift. For this, we headed to the brewery and personally packed beer with some lovely swag. Read the blog and watch the video to learn how we spent that fantastic day.

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Meet Zapietousaurus - a New Zapiet Mascot! (Video)

Watch our video where Emili Horncastle, Marketing & Strategic Development Manager at Zapiet, introduces our new mascot and tells a fascinating story behind its creation. Learn more about our brand and what makes us inspired.

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How the Metaverse is Shaping the Future of Fashion Retail!

The metaverse is a trending topic that will undoubtedly be gaining more and more attention from businesses. Famous fashion retail brands have already accepted and led this trend. Let's see how they attract customers and sell products through the new promising channel.

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Australian small business owners and their shipping strategy

Australian small business owners need reliable tools. Small business owners need tools that are constantly improving, trustworthy and given full control in helping them succeed on their own terms.

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