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Curbside pickup and delivery for Shopify restaurants

Store Pickup + Delivery for Shopify POS

View, manage and organise your pickup and delivery orders in-store.

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Store Pickup + Delivery and Shopify POS

Organising pickup and delivery orders in-store can be a logistical challenge. That’s especially true when you’re dealing with high volumes or preparing fresh products daily. Our integration with Shopify POS lets you quickly see what orders need to be fulfilled, and by when.

The app is designed to help in-store staff streamline daily processes and enhance customer experiences. We’ve added more ways to see and manage orders in Shopify POS to save time and avoid mistakes. The integration is backed by outstanding customer support, regular updates and requested features being added.
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Timeline view

Stay on track with the beautiful Timeline view. It lets you easily see and manage all your pickup, delivery and shipping orders. To help you organise your day, you can filter orders by checkout method, location, date and time.

Order Scheduler

You can schedule pickups, deliveries and date-based shipping orders in-store from the Shopify POS app using the Order Scheduler. It’s designed to save you time, streamline processes and enhance your customer experience.

Security and fraud prevention

You can keep your orders super safe by implementing our Security Code feature, to make sure every order always goes to the right person.

Keeping customers informed

Easily let your customers know what’s happening with their purchase. Mark an order ready for collection and your customer will get a customisable email confirming their pickup location, date and time - including their security code.

After pick-up, a confirmation email can be sent - great if a friend collected the order. You can also take that opportunity to say thanks, add a voucher code or talk about your latest promotions.