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Here is the solution to stop messing with VAT and invoices

Here is the solution to stop messing with VAT and invoices

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Jonathan Roque
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There are more than 582 million entrepreneurs in the world according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report. That is a lot of entrepreneurs running everything from fulfillment to sales to marketing and everything in between. With global ecommerce sales expecting to top $4.2 trillion USD in 2020 and reach more than $6.5 trillion by 2023, there is no stopping anytime soon. As an entrepreneur there are many working weekends and long nights, but you grind and do it because you love it!

We know how important it is to find tools that make your life easier and business run much smoother. One of those tools is our integration with Sufio to help set your invoicing on autopilot. Sufio lets you automatically create invoices for every order in your store, so you can have time to grow your business.

What is Sufio?
Sufio is a professional invoicing app for Shopify stores. It automatically creates and sends invoices of your orders, and it helps you charge the correct taxes in your Shopify store — sell to both businesses and consumers, without worries. Capturing VAT numbers from your business customers and automatically set them as tax-exempt in your Shopify store has never been simpler.

All Sufio documents are fully compliant with accounting legislation worldwide and professionally translated to over 30 languages. Additionally, the app is available in English, German and French. Sufio is more than an invoicing app. Sufio has invoice templates designed by professional designers and help you stand out — build your brand even after the sale is made.

sufio integration with zapiet

The Integration with Zapiet

Using both Sufio and Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery, you can set Sufio to automatically include the delivery details on customers' invoices or delivery notes. This will give your customers all the useful information about their orders. All you have to do is add a few values as invoice notes. Delivery details will then automatically show up in the Notes section of your newly issued invoices.

To learn more on how to integrate with Sufio visit their help article that walks you step by step how to set this up. If you need help setting up the integration, contact our support team at or the Sufio team at

Get started using Zapiet from Shopify and get a 30 day free trial on any of our apps. Learn more about Sufio and all of their features.