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Zapiet -  Pickup + Delivery now integrates with Revel and Lightspeed via Kosmos Central's eSync

Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery now integrates with Revel and Lightspeed via Kosmos Central's eSync

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Sandy Jolin
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We’re delighted to announce our newest integrations: Shopify merchants using Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery (SPD) can now connect their Revel and Lightspeed POS systems via Kosmos Central’s eSync.

It’s just the latest in a series of connections for SPD that help our Shopify merchants save time and money. By adding automation we can reduce errors and admin burden, letting store teams focus on customer experience. Our integration allows pickup and delivery orders to be transferred from SPD to Revel and Lightspeed: two of the world’s most extensively used POS systems.

“Our goal has always been to give merchants the best possible pickup and delivery experience. The Kosmos integration is a big step towards that goal, letting stores seamlessly manage pickup and delivery orders within their existing POS systems.” Andy Cargill, Zapiet’s founder

Revel and Lightspeed offer advanced POS solutions that help merchants manage their stores with real-time sales and inventory data, and reporting and analytical tools to guide decision-making. With Kosmos’ eSync, they can ensure a smooth interface with their Shopify store - and a fantastic experience for their customers.

Beyond the connection between Revel and Shopify, Kosmos’ eSync adds features such as inventory lookup, cross-channel listings and order routing. Thanks to the integration with SPD, they can now also offer in-store pickup and local delivery synchronisation.

The expanded capability that Kosmos offers means that merchants give online shoppers visibility of stock levels and locations. Paired with SPD, customers can choose the fulfilment option that is most convenient for them. The bridge between the two systems seamlessly passes those details to in-store staff to prepare the order and deliver a smooth experience.

“We integrate brick and mortar retail and quick service POS to eCommerce. Thanks to this project, merchants with Zapiet's order management software POS clients can set up order routing between POS locations and then display date and time for pickup and delivery orders right at the POS." Alex Skorohodov, Kosmos Director of Sales & Marketing

eSync also gives merchants the ability to list and edit products and manage stock levels simultaneously across multiple ecommerce platforms. That makes a huge difference to the daily workload of multi-channel stores, and our integration ensures pickup and local delivery orders automatically update stock levels on all storefronts - avoiding failed orders and customer disappointment.

This integration is the culmination of our strong working relationship with Kosmos and our shared passion for helping merchants develop and grow their stores.

To see how Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery can help you grow your business, start a 30-day free trial now!

About Zapiet

Zapiet is the leading app developer for store pickup and delivery functionality on Shopify. Founded in 2015 in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, the company pioneered store pickup and delivery functionality for Shopify merchants. Solutions from Zapiet provide the flexibility, scalability, and performance required for both delivery and brick-and-mortar store pickup. To learn more, please visit and follow @zapiet on Twitter.