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How Shopify bakeries can make the most out of local delivery

How Shopify bakeries can make the most out of local delivery

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Jonathan Roque
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We can smell the fresh-baked goodies and even taste the delicious cupcakes from Shopify merchants! Bakeries are some staple food businesses, found anywhere across the world. Bakeries often attract not only a loyal following of customers but fans who can’t get enough of a pie, cookies, cupcakes and everything in between that is made and baked. The popularity of bakeries makes it an industry that generates more than $30 billion annually, according to Shopify.  

Zapiet is trusted by more than 500 bakeries around the world. Our app lets merchants put limits on how many delivery orders can be accepted for any given time slot, offer scheduled pickups and manage their deliveries. Something almost all our bakers use is the ability to set which products are available for pickup, delivery, shipping, or a combination.

We spoke to three amazing bakeries, all in different parts of the world who have built a loyal following of customers, and all bake unique delicious treats.

MALT Goods

MALT Goods - Zürich, Switzerland

MALT Goods are the “Feel-good treats in Switzerland.” They started in April 2020 during quarantine out of cravings for sweet, gooey treats that were not found yet in Zürich. “We decided to start selling them and delivering in the city by marketing them on Instagram before launching our website and saw a very positive response from our customers. Our community of customers love to share the things they love. The Malt customers not only indulge in the products themselves,  but they want their loved ones to enjoy them too. Gifting has become a big part of the brand and, they send treats to friends and family with a nice message whether it is for a special occasion or just to cheer them up and brighten their day.”

Cookiez By Sara – Foster City, California  

Cookiez By Sara began from a very simple idea. “During the pandemic in 2020 is when we started. We spent a lot of time eating cookies from other places, so we decided to make our own.”

CAKE by Kendyll – Melbourne, Australia

“I have been baking for as long as I can remember. My grandmother and mum have baked throughout my life and I have always been their helper from little. Then close family and friends asked if I could do their cakes for events and they would pay me. This sparked something in me as I thought to myself ‘gosh, if people are willing to pay me for my baking it must actually be good!’. The rest is history and I have now been running my online sweet store for almost 2 years."

The Baked Treats:

MALT Goods:  

“The name MALT was inspired by Ovomaltine, a Swiss staple we love for its unique taste and the main ingredient in our original brownie recipe. Later on we launched the Ovomaltine chocolate chunk cookies which became an instant best-seller. Our baked goods have very few ingredients that are fresh and locally sourced. We rely on their natural flavors and we don’t use any artificial colorants or conservatives which is why we bake and deliver everything the same day to ensure they are enjoyed at their best.”

Cookiez by Sara:  

“Cookiez by Sara: We go to our local retailer and buy the ingredients in bulk and just practice making perfect cookies until we agree the recipe is what we want. We try to source the best chocolate that is also ethically sourced.”

CAKE by Kendyll:  

“Absolutely. This is a huge part of my business and values of my company. I hand make everything from the salted caramel fillings to the meringues to the toppings, where possible I hand make everything. Look I would love to own some chickens and source my own eggs so never say never. I want everything that comes out of my kitchen to be of the highest quality and taste possible for my customers. I use the more expensive chocolate in my products, the more expensive eggs, and it really reflects in the taste.”

Cake by Kendyll
The Must-Try Treats:  

MALT Goods:  

“If you could only try one product, I would recommend the Caramelized White Chocolate cookie. Its dough is made with Ovomaltine powder so it has a similar taste to our brownies and it has white chocolate chunks that have been caramelized by us. It is a unique combination that works really well, and it has recently become the best-selling product on our website.”  

Cookiez by Sara:  

The Chocolate Chip Cookies and Cookiez N’ Cream are staple items and are the perfect treat!  

CAKE by Kendyll:  

The Oreo Chocolate Brownies are a big hit, along with their white chocolate cakes! Talk about delicious!

The Impact of Local Delivery:  

MALT Goods:  

“Zapiet was the first app we installed on our website as we now offer three ways of getting Malt: local delivery and pick up in Zürich and shipping nationwide in Switzerland. It was very important for us that the website was as clear as possible to customers about the delivery options and that they can select the day and time they want to receive or pick up the products. On the other hand, for us in the back end, Zapiet allows us to set the delivery schedule according to our capabilities and remain flexible if we ever need to make changes.”

Cookiez by Sara:  

“Zapiet allows our business to access customers that we wouldn’t have otherwise. We use Zapiets tools to attract new clients, and the way the system works the customers love it. We got many compliments on the website and scheduling feature.”

Cake by Kendyll:  

CAKE by Kendyll offers local delivery up to 20 KM from South Yarra in Australia. “Zapiet is incredible for my business. The features that it attributes to my online store are second to none. By letting my customers choose their pickup or delivery date and time is so seamless and easy for both myself and them that I couldn’t fulfil as many orders without it as I would be spending my time going back and forth whereas this does it all for me. With Zapiet I love that I can block out times that I am unavailable for orders, and that my customers can choose everything themselves, what date, what time and how they want to receive their orders it is just fantastic. With Shopify I just love how easy it makes the ordering process. Before I was on Shopify my customers used to order through direct messaging on Instagram or through email and the fact that I can just send them a link to my online store or they just find the online store themselves just makes life so easy and it saves me SO much time on admin which is always a bonus.”

Cookiez by Sara

These bakeries around the world are killing it! Zapiet is trusted by more than 500 bakeries around the world. It makes our entire team so happy to see so many bakeries around the world thriving with all these services. To learn more about Zapiet or Store Pickup + Delivery view our video tutorials and explore the app. Get started using the Store Pickup and Delivery app from Shopify and get a 30-day free trial.