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Why you should offer a mobile app to your customers right now

Why you should offer a mobile app to your customers right now

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Jonathan Roque
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What is one thing you can’t leave your home without? Of course, it's your cellphone! It’s usually the first thing we grab as we head out the door. Mobile ecommerce is no longer a trend, but a part of the entire ecommerce system and buying journey. According to Shopify, “three out of four consumers say they buy from their smartphones because it saves time.” Not only is mobile part of the customers buying journey, but it is part of the expected norm.

There are two reasons why mobile ecommerce is necessary for success on Shopify today, convenience and the ability to allow Shopify merchants to succeed and compete with giant retailers. The giant retailers have configured their shopping experience to mobile, by optimizing their website for a mobile experience or going all in and developing an app. Shopify merchants can now compete with giant retailers through our integration with Shop2App.

shop2app and zapiet integration
Going Mobile with JustRight

Grocery store JustRight is a fast growing Asian Grocery Delivery startup from New Jersey, United States. They currently serve New York, New Jersey and Virginia. JustRight uses Zapiet as their increase demand for scheduled deliveries and uses Shop2app to bring a whole new experience to their customers by allowing orders through the mobile app. Their website is already widely popular among the locals, so translating that in a mobile experience was important. Their inventory comprises of fast-moving consumer goods, and they have built a strong community around their business.  They have a massive repeat customer rate, and they were looking to provide their customers with a simpler way to shop again.

The Integration

Shop2App allows you to convert your Shopify store into a mobile app. Through the integration with Zapiet, Shopify merchants can have a mobile app and continue to offer store pickup and delivery.

The integration allows a Shopify business of any size to compete with giant retailers in providing a mobile experience to their customers. The integration also allows merchants to set up mobile payments and offer real time payment options at checkout.  

mobile app for local pickup and delivery

In 2020, real time payment options made up for $102 billion dollars. These options include the ability to pay as fast as possible at checkout by using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay and Pay Pal – all part of the Shopify checkout experience.  

“We're delighted to partner with Zapiet and strengthen our mission to empower the #BuyLocal movement. With Shop2app+Zapiet integration, local businesses are able to supercharge their customer retention and brand love by providing a personalized mobile shopping experience.” - Ankit Minocha (CEO, Shop2app)

The integration allows merchants to have every functionality a giant retailer has. A super personalized shopping experience is the future and of course this is no coding required.  

To learn more about the integration and get started: