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Say hello to our fresh new website!

Say hello to our fresh new website!

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Andrew Cargill
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Today, we’re so excited to be formally unveiling our new website! It’s the result of months of work and we hope you like it as much as we do.

We started from a blank sheet and have come up with an all-new design, sitemap, content structure and colour palette. We developed it in-house and it really reflects where we are now as a company.

We started the project to address a number of excellent problems to have: the brand had grown, the app line-up had expanded and the feature-set had deepened. Our flagship app, Store Pickup + Delivery needed a website that catered properly for our current and prospective clients on that platform.

We’ve added landing pages for Delivery Rates by Distance and Delivery Rates by Zipcode - finally bringing all our apps together in one place!

Throughout, we’ve described our products in much more detail than before and begun adding deeper-dive Features pages. We’ve also added pages to list our ever-expanding range of product integrations.

From a design standpoint, we wanted a clean, modern feel that would help us highlight our apps’ extensive range of features and abilities.

“The idea was to unify the brand with all our products under one roof with a design that better reflects who we are. That identity now flows consistently throughout apps, social channels and website improving the merchant experience” says Emili Maciel, Zapiet’s Lead Designer.

With the core content now live, we’ve started working on phase two! To start with, we are adding industry-specific content that highlights particularly relevant features. Our first page is already live and talks to florists on Shopify. It pulls out features we know make handling Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day much easier.

We already regularly add educational pieces to our knowledge-base and plan to expand on that with video tutorials that will help merchants get set up, manage orders and get the most out of our products.

Thank you so much for checking out our new site! Do you like it? If so, please do us a favour: share it!