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Love is... using Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery to bring your customers extra special experience

Love is... using Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery to bring your customers extra special experience

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Anna Shevchenko
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We’re on the threshold of another Valentine’s Day which is always tempting whether you’re a Shopify florist, cake store or gift shop. Time to take a low-start position to get all set up for the full-love season!

The Zapiet team has prepared a unique guide to show you the 5 most efficient features in action and the value they can bring to your business during this holiday season. Check it out!

1. Product Date Restrictions
2. Order Limits
3. Delivery Notes
4. Discount Code for Delivery
5. Production Reports

1. Release your Valentine's Day products on time

Product date restrictions come in handy for seasonal products like a very special Valentine’s offer. Let’s imagine merchants who run their businesses on Shopify. They sell various sweet boxes for everyday occasions and have a special Valentine’s box with heart-shaped macarons available only during Valentine’s season. Once they add a date restriction to this box, they can make it available only for the 13th and 14th of February. Customers will only be able to select those dates for pickup, delivery or shipping.
See how it works!

This approach helps make a special offer to your clients, highlighting the value of a seasonal product.

To set up this feature, take a look at our Product date restrictions article.

2. Avoid over-promising and under-delivering

Last year, one of our merchants got 100 orders for one of his time slots which caused queues and delays. This year, they’re using order limits, so they can set a maximum order limit per time slot, or day!

They decide on 10 orders per time slot. When the time slot reaches its maximum, no more customers can select that time, preventing overbooking, delays and stress!

Learn how to set up this feature in our Delivery order limits article. If you would like to use order limits for other checkout methods, take a look at our Pickup order limits and Shipping order limits articles.  

3. Don't miss a single delivery detail

Adding a delivery note is one of our newly added features that lets your clients leave extra details or requests when creating an order.

This feature ensures your customers can leave you with any necessary information for the delivery, and you can set it as an optional note, or it can be required.

Merchants now can set up delivery notes for Valentine’s Day orders to let customers make gifting even more pleasant. Customers who order a bouquet, gift box, or balloons for their partners can mention it’s a surprise and ask for an extra add-on like a card for their loved ones, or simply leave the partners’ phone number for ease of delivery.

To set up this feature, take a look at our Delivery note article.

4. Incentivize deliveries

To encourage your clients to opt for the delivery method, we’ve added a new delivery discount option. It allows you to use the discount code created in Shopify only for delivery orders.

The merchant has created a special code called VALENTINESDAY to motivate their customers to choose delivery.

Learn how to apply discounts for your deliveries and pickups.

5. Streamline your workflow

Along with Valentine's day bouquets, your customers will still order regular bouquets for other occasions. Since you’ll get more inbound orders, it’s important to control your order flow.

Merchants use our production report feature which keeps them updated on the number of bouquets and gift boxes that should be prepared.

Take a look at our Production report article to quickly export your first report!

If you want to dive deeper into the mentioned settings, Zapiet has set up the demo store for you to test it out!

We hope this quick Valentine’s Day guide will help you bring an extra special experience to your customers! Try out Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery with a 30-day free trial! If you have any questions about our features or getting them set up, please reach out to us at and we’d be happy to help.