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Here’s why adding store pickup to Shopify will help you sell more this Christmas

Here’s why adding store pickup to Shopify will help you sell more this Christmas

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Andrew Cargill
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In-store pickup? Customers expect it from the big brands. But they love it from the smaller ones

These days, store pickup is a big deal.

As customers, we all know how convenient it is to collect when it suits us. Especially if it’s a present, knowing for sure that we’ll have it on time is a great relief.

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, we wanted to talk about why thousands of Shopify stores already use Store Pickup + Delivery, and why it makes sense for you, too!

Pickup orders at Christmas eclipse even Black Friday - don’t miss out

Christmas Eve shopping is huge. Last year, we saw FIVE TIMES more orders placed using our app on the 24th of December than we did on Black Friday.

Of course, Christmas is always a big time for shopping, but the volume of pickup orders shows just how many people leave things to the last minute when shipping isn’t an option.

To get a slice of that, let your customers buy online and pickup in person. When they do, you can upsell and build a personal relationship. Do that well, and you’ve got a loyal customer for life, not just for Christmas (sorry, couldn’t resist!).

Banish shipping anxiety, all while saving yourself time and money

From the customer’s point of view, pickup is easy. They can relax without worrying about their order being shipped in time for the big day. Instead, they just pop in to your bricks and mortar store when it suits them.

It also saves you the cost and trouble of packing their orders up and getting them into the hands of your shipping company. That frees up your team to do more important things at the busiest time of the year, maximising efficiency and profits.

Upsell when customers pickup and avoid last-minute cancellations

In the Christmas rush, your customers will get anxious their order won’t arrive on time, or that it will be wrong or damaged. We’ve noticed a significant trend of customers cancelling at the last minute, preferring to go out in search of the product on the high street.

Cancelled orders, especially last minute ones, are a headache for you, but are also an awful customer experience. More to the point, if you don’t offer in-store pickup but your competition does, you’ll almost certainly lose the sale.

By letting your customers come directly to you, they save you time and money all while settling their nerves.

On top of that, research tells us about 40% of customers who pickup buy extra items while they’re there. That’s even truer at Christmas.

In other words, they get their Christmas present, and you get yours, too!

So make the most of this holiday season: start your 14-day free trial right now.