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Easily Upgrade Your Delivery Speed with the New Gophr x Zapiet Integration

Easily Upgrade Your Delivery Speed with the New Gophr x Zapiet Integration

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Anna Shevchenko
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Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery Shopify app now integrates with Gophr, a reliable and convenient Last-Mile Delivery company that works across the UK for all kinds of businesses! From household name retail brands to local independent restaurants, Gophr helps merchants increase their Shopify store efficiency while providing consumers with flexible and complete solutions.

What problem does the integration solve?

Among our merchants, there are hundreds of stores based in the UK that are looking for a complete solution to manage order flow, schedule precise pickup & delivery timing and rates, and offer a reliable local delivery process.

Since 2015 Zapiet’s Store Pickup + Delivery Shopify app has been serving 10,000+ merchants from over 150 countries, providing flexible and convenient order management and scheduling tools.

However, there was still a question of how to perform quick and easy local deliveries after the checkout. That’s why we’ve come up with this integration idea. By integrating with Gophr, we can provide merchants with the complete solution, supporting them during the whole journey; from orders being placed, picked and packed, to tracked and delivered.

How does the integration work?
  • Install Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery to your Shopify store.
    If you already use our app, then skip this step. Otherwise, go to the Shopify AppStore, search for Zapiet's Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery and add it to your store. You have a 30-day free trial to check if our app meets your needs!
  • From your store go to the Apps tab and click on the recently added Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery to set it up. Complete each step from the Setup Guide Steps to use our app in full.
Setting up Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery

  • After configuring Zapiet’s Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery Shopify app, you’ll get access to the list of our integrations, including Gophr.
  • Create a Gophr account via the Customer Portal if you don’t have one and request a Zapiet integration API key from Gophr support.
Creating a Gophr Account
  • Go back to your Shopify Store and activate Gophr as the last mile provider from within the Settings tab in Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery.
  • Everything is now done, and you’re ready to bring your business to the next level!
What benefits does the integration give?
  • Seamless order management and scheduling process;
  • Offer your customers a complete and flexible solution from a precise order schedule and checkout to getting their package delivered;
  • A wide choice of delivery options suitable for your store: same-day, heavy-parcel, large parcel and small parcel deliveries;
  • Choose a vehicle based on your needs.
    After creating package weight-based rules, Gophr will automatically offer you a vehicle type suitable for the package;
Creating package rules

  • Set customized rates, including a free delivery option;
  • Track orders in real-time via Gophr live tracking screen and check the order status (picked up, delivered and cancelled) in the Timeline section;
  • You can cancel a job before it’s accepted by the courier via the Shopify admin screen or by contacting Gophr support.

If you want to learn more details on how to integrate, please, check out our Help Article.

Join Zapiet x Gophr integration to offer a flexible and convenient solution to your customers!