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DBZ: Delivery to Zip Codes is Easier than Ever

DBZ: Delivery to Zip Codes is Easier than Ever

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Jonathan Roque
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Delivery is a big component of any business, especially depending on the products you are delivering and all the logistics. With the world more connected than ever, delivery and getting products to a customers doorstep is more important than ever when it comes to ecommerce. According to stats, “more than 70% of consumers cite convenience (77%) and free shipping (72%) as their top reasons to shop online.”

With the right tools and workflows, certain aspects of a business can be simplified and that’s where our app Delivery Rates by Zip Code comes in to save the day!  

Delivery Rates by Zip Code is one of our apps that allow Shopify merchants to dynamically calculate delivery charges based on distance from store to doorstep. It basically calculates the right price for deliveries to a single location or thousands. Delivery Rates by Distance has been used by business across different industries to allow Shopify merchants to easily charge customers for deliveries based on how far they live from their brick-and-mortar store. It’s that simple.  

MeatCart Fine Foods is an online butcher shop based in Brisbane, Australia. By purchasing any of their meat products, customers are also supporting local Australian farmers. Their bestseller? Their range of sausages. “It's no doubt that they are making a show on our grills with their delicious, smokey, and meaty flavours packed into an easy-to-eat and quick-cooking.” All this is possible through Shopify and their ecommerce stacks which include Zapiet. "Delivery Rates by Distance on our website is essential in our day-to-day operations. We deliver locally, and the Zapiet application lightened our load with its simple navigation, user-friendly UX design, and quick customer support. Zapiet's local delivery service reduced the possibility of customer complaints from ordering and allowed our website to be easily navigated with a single click, increasing our revenue sales.

Delivery Rates by Zip Code features:  

  • Automatically show the right price for every zip code.
  • Works perfectly with multiple locations offering deliveries, each with local pricing.
  • Easily add different rates for individual postal codes according to product weight and price.
  • App automatically fills zip code field based on partial or exact code matches.  

Owning your tools allows you to be in control of how you operate your Shopify store and the services you offer. Automatically add any zip code you deliver to and show the right prices for each. If you are offering delivery up to only certain zip codes, this is perfect for giving customers a good site experience and a good experience of delivery.  

Learn more about delivery rates by zip code and install the app free for 30 days. View our help guides and video tutorials to get started right away.