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Celebrating the Launch of Zapietousaurus (Video)

Celebrating the Launch of Zapietousaurus (Video)

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Emili Horncastle
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As you know, we recently launched our new mascot Zapietousaurus. If you’ve missed this great news, check out the blog post where we share our creative process and sources of inspiration. In brief, Zapietousaurus was inspired by the Welsh flag dragon, the London City logo dragon, and a T-Rex. Zapietousaurus has a friend Zack, who you should be familiar with, inspired by the looks of our CEO, Andrew Cargill. Zack and Zapietousaurus were created to give a visual personification to our brand and support our in-app and social media communication.

We love them!

The mascot launch was long-awaited and exciting for the Zapiet team, and we wanted to share a word about this with our partners. This is how we came up with the idea to make a collab with a cool brand and send their products as a gift to some agencies from the industry to celebrate together.

As a place for collaboration and celebration, we chose Lisbon in Portugal, the mesmerizing sunny city where we plan to have our first-ever whole team meet-up in September.

Breathtaking Lisbon
The Zapiet team is on its way to Ophiussa!

Ophiussa - our Zapietousaurus launch collab partner. It’s a microbrewery in Setúbal, the town near Lisbon, known for its wines and numerous beautiful beaches.

We didn’t have any doubts when choosing the partner, as we already knew them for the fantastic tastes of their beers and equally fantastic packaging. All Ophiussa beer cans are incredibly aesthetic, thanks to the artist Kruella Denfer who created their colorful designs.

Ophiussa beer cans designed by Kruella Denfer

We chose three beers to make sure we satisfy different tastes.

Jararaca Pale Ale - the most traditional one, a soft, dry, medium-bodied beer with light bitterness and fruity-citric aroma and flavors.

Indigo Milk Stout - full-bodied, dark, with coffee and chocolate notes.

Momotarō Peach and Passion Fruit Smoothie Sour - full-bodied, fruity, acidic, and sweet. This one will freshen up any hot day and is the opposite of what you would expect a beer to be.

When we came to the brewery, we packed boxes: each with the beer cans and our lovely swag. All the packages were sent to different Shopify agencies to invite them to celebrate our new mascot launch with us.

Watch the video below to see how we spent that fantastic day.