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Bold Cashier integration

Bold Cashier integration

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Sam Forde
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Bold Cashier is an amazing product for Shopify merchants who have more complex requirements for their checkout process. We already integrate with Bold Subscriptions - an app that thousands of stores find invaluable - and our Cashier integration will take things up another notch!

“This is the result of months of collaboration with the team at Bold. We’ve been working closely to make sure the integration is as seamless as possible,” says Andrew Cargill, Zapiet’s founder. “We love their work and we have a shared passion for top-quality products and fantastic customer support - so working with them is always a pleasure.”

Some major brands (including Staples) have actually moved to Shopify because while they loved its core feature set and support, they wanted to do more with the checkout - and with Cashier they can. That includes offering post-checkout upsells with auto-fill card details, granular control of shipping rates and more.

On top of that, Cashier can dynamically provide rates without Shopify’s Carrier Services API addon. That makes it a compelling offer for stores who want to take full advantage of Store Pickup + Delivery’s unique and powerful rates features.

The integration we’ve built between our own app and Bold Cashier will make business better for merchants who use both apps. Before, customers could potentially checkout without first selecting a pickup date or confirming they are within a store’s delivery area. Our integration makes sure a customer’s order preferences are validated before those choices are passed to Bold Cashier’s checkout.

As well as improving the customer experience and avoiding failed orders, the integration helps stores calculate the correct local taxes and also control which prices and rates are shown - a customer choosing to pick up won’t be shown shipping fees, for instance.

This is just the beginning of the functionality our clients will see with this integration. We’re having exciting conversations with our partners at Bold about where we can add more value, including through automation that increases productivity, reduces manual input and improves the customer journey.

Are you ready to get started? Enjoy a 30-day free trial to check out Store Pickup + Delivery’s features! After that, check out our integration setup guide for Bold’s Cashier.

About Zapiet

Zapiet is the leading app developer for store pickup and delivery functionality on Shopify. Founded in 2015 in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, the company pioneered store pickup and delivery functionality for Shopify merchants. Solutions from Zapiet provide the flexibility, scalability, and performance required for both delivery and brick-and-mortar store pickup. To learn more, please visit and follow @zapiet on Twitter.

About Bold Cashier

Bold Cashier is a feature-rich global checkout solution designed to help your business scale. Create a flawless shopping experience for your customers with advanced features such as Upsell after Checkout, stored credit card accounts, the ability to sell in 150+ currencies, and much more. For more information, visit